The FLOWN Journey

Hi, I'm Alicia!

FLOWN is a concept that came about because of my own needs. After stepping away from the company I founded and led for 11 years, I had dozens of books I wanted to read, courses I wanted to do, skills I wanted to achieve, companies I wanted to start, books I wanted to write, movements I wanted to begin… I was full of ideas and passion

Distractions everywhere

But London knocked them down. I just couldn’t find a place or get into a state where I could focus on these worthwhile projects and meaningful tasks.

Co-working spaces felt like battery farms: too busy and distracting, and not inspiring enough.

Cafes were also distracting and noisy, and weren’t ergonomic for hours of focused work, so I was left with a sore neck and shoulders.

My home office was my dining table, and sometimes I really needed not just space to eat  but the ritual of “getting away” from my familiar four walls to properly feel like I could invest and focus on my projects.

My Research Trip

And thus the concept of FLOWN was born. Space and time to work, think, learn and dream … to achieve that productive state of flow, in a place of beauty and nature, away from noise and distraction.

To bring this concept to reality, I needed to develop a solid gut instinct for how to find that space. So I set off on a journey with my puppy, Lumi, and a one-way ticket for three months to France and Spain.

My mission: to see what it is like to work remotely, to test out the facilities of hotels and Airbnbs, and to assess if being immersed in nature could really inspire great deep work.


Creating retreats

One of the main things I learned is that your average hotel or Airbnb is geared towards holiday-makers, and NOT deep work. Small desks, no desks, desks facing a blank wall, uncomfortable chairs, unreliable wifi, no monitor, soulless spaces… I tried dozens on my travels!

But to really achieve flow, you need a dedicated and ergonomic workspace in an inspiring distraction-free setting. You need access to wild nature to rest your mind and replenish your soul. And to keep up your motivation, you need an agenda, work rituals, and people to hold you gently to account, and to decompress with at the end of the day.

That’s when I came up with the idea of the FLOWN retreats. We provide the dedicated workstation, the program and the camaraderie, all in an amazing rural location. All you need to bring is yourself and the work you need done!

Join me!

 I am hopeful that these FLOWN retreats will give you the space and time to dive deeply into something valuable, and come away feeling joyful, satisfied, accomplished, rested. The more space and focus we give for knowledge workers, thought leaders and creatives to achieve important work, the better humanity and our planet can hope to be.

So – let’s go!

— Alicia

So are you ready?

Come and find your flow with Flown.
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