Fletcher jones union urged to discuss job losses during labour dispute

The union representing union workers in the airline industry said Wednesday it was urging management and airline bosses to sit down and discuss job losses on two of its biggest contracts.

But Fletcher Airlines said it was confident there would be no disruption to business, saying it would handle any changes to operations “in the best possible way”.

The union said about 15,000 staff would be affected by the two companies, and it has expressed an interest in discussing possible employment opportunities.

“We haven’t been given any clear explanation, but we know what changes they’re going to우리카지노 do, and we just want the business to work properly.

“Ou바카라r concern is that that [the company] is not being held accountable for all the harm they’re doing and it’s a shame.

“We need to find out what this is about. We’re hoping some kind of negotiation would come between both parties.”

A spokesman for the union said negotiations were not currently going ahead.

“We appreciate the work of the Government but are not involved with any sort of negotiations at this time,” said the spokesman, Simon Barrett.

“We hope the airlines will sit down and look at this in the best possible way and if the offer is really acceptable we will be talking to both sides.”

The union, which represents pilots and crew members across several major aircraft lines, has been on strike since January, and has had to ask for several million dollars from the pilots’ union for food and other supplies.

Barrett said the pilots were hoping to meet with the executives of both companies about the proposed changes, in order to have a discussion about severance packages.

“It’s very important we have that,” Barrett said.

“But it would also be very good if both sides would sit down. And I want to get in touch with them first.”

Fletcher will pay its우리카지노 pilots, based in Sydney, $4.25 an hour if they stay for at least two years, which they can do if they complete a two-year apprenticeship, he said.

That would translate to an annual salary of $150,000, a figure not yet finalised.

The airline was also seeking to secure the union’s support as it negotiates with Boeing in response to the looming work stoppage.

The union wants a “compromise” that sees Fletcher provide a minimum salary of $30,000 and guarantees of annual bonuses.

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