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In our Galician village, we stayed in a beautifully renovated old farming home at the top of a hill, with forest as our backyard and playground. Every morning, I woke up to a light white mist over my balcony before taking a walk or settling into one of the house’s many little nooks to work, read or do yoga.It served as the perfect backdrop for personal reflection, meditation, reading, learning and deep work on some personal projects.
June 2019
The most productive week of my year!I stayed in a beautiful villa set up for the purpose of “deep work”; by a fellow entrepreneur who has had the insight – borne out by my own experience – that although cities offer much in terms of workspace, convenience and knowledge sharing, they aren’t always the most productive places to get creative work done. With nothing else apart from time to read, write and think, it was by far the most productive week of my year to date when measured by meaningful output rather than hours at a desk; a sobering and powerful lesson about what you can achieve when you take the distractions of daily life out of the equation.
August 2019
Nishul at a FLOWN retreat
I just wanted to share my experience last week at FLOWN. As you know, it’s all about doing deep work in beautiful places, with great people. It definitely ticked those boxes! The view from my desk was incredible —I sat here in peace and worked all day. Finally finished a course I’d been working on for ages!Taking a break was walking through beautiful forest with streams and creeks flowing on my route. Alicia set the tone really well upon arrival with a suggested schedule to help visitors map out their day. It helped ensure we all had the right state of mind upon waking up. There was also a daily standup in the morning even amongst quite a lot of other thoughtful touches Alicia had set up.In the evening we unwound just the right amount and we all went either to a great local restaurant to eat or (on the last night) we had a BBQ of delicious local seafood – with great conversation. We also got fed a very nutritious lunch which ensured productive afternoons (when I sometimes struggle).Besides all this, I think it’s also powerful to be in a small group of people all with their individual goals but with one major thing in common – getting some deep work done. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Not only was I more productive than in London, but also came back refreshed and reinvigorated.
June 2019

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